2022 Tier 1 Awards

Several of our Bouvé faculty members and IHESJR affiliates were selected to receive 2022 TIER 1 Awards.  


“TIER 1 Seed Grant/Proof of Concept Program awards are supported by the Colleges and the Senior Vice Provost for Research. This competitive program makes grants of up to $50,000 to support and encourage individual faculty members to form multidisciplinary teams to develop new and innovative research directions. An explicit strategy for securing external funding must be outlined in the TIER 1 proposal. A total of 73 proposals were submitted and evaluated through a two-stage review process.”  


The following are our interdisciplinary teams that received a 2022 TIER 1 Award.

  1. Understanding Processes and Impacts of Organizational Re-entry in a Post-COVID World- Jamie Ladge (Management and Organization Development), Alicia Sasser Modestino (Economics/SPPUA), Alisa Lincoln (Health Sciences/Sociology and Anthropology)
  2. Hospital-Physician Integration: Implications for Health Equity and Care for Seniors- Brady Post (Health Sciences), Hermine Poghosyan (Nursing), Laura Senier (Health Sciences/Sociology and Anthropology), Gary Young (Health Sciences/International Business and Strategy)
  3. Mentored Award: Social Connections and Well-being in Older Persons Living with HIV- Moka Yoo-Jeong (Nursing), Miso Kim (Art+Design), Tiana Yom (Public Evaluation Lab), Alisa Lincoln (Health Sciences/Sociology and Anthropology)- The Northeastern University Public Evaluation Lab (NU-PEL) in partnership with College of Arts, Media and Design (CAMD) and Bouve College of Health Sciences has been selected for the FY22 Tier 1 mentored award to identify and understand how older persons living with HIV (OPLWH) are navigating social connections and how these connections impact their well-being and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. This important grant work will gather interdisciplinary experts from Health Sciences, Social Sciences, and Design to collaborate and explore OPLWH’s experiences with social connections/isolation and to design a service system that can support the sense of connection for OPLWH. This transdisciplinary, multi-generational team includes Dr. Miso Kim (CAMD), Dr. Moka Yoo-Jeong (School of Nursing), Dr. Tiana Yom (CSSH, Bouve), and Dr. Alisa Lincoln (CSSH, Bouve), and graduate students and undergraduate students across colleges. For more information, please contact Tiana Yom at [email protected]