Healthcare System Operations Minor

The objective of the minor in healthcare system operations is to prepare students to apply industrial and systems engineering methods in healthcare applications. Distinct from other service industries, healthcare systems are characterized by extensive complexities driven by communication between and interdependencies among multiple actors, and the need to simultaneously address multiple competing objectives pertaining to economic, quality-driven, individual-driven, and population-driven goals. This minor will benefit students by highlighting the unique features of this industry and methods for addressing its unique challenges to engineer improvements to the design, operation, and management of healthcare systems

How to Complete the Minor

1. IE 5617 Lean Concepts and Applications

2. Healthcare Systems
IE 5400 Healthcare Systems Modeling and Analysis or IE 3500 Introduction to Healthcare Systems Engineering

3. PHTH 1260 The American Healthcare System

4. Elective Courses (one of the following)

IE 5374 Special Topics in Industrial Engineering (System Dynamics in Healthcare)
IE 5500 Systems Engineering in Public Programs
IE 5640 Data Mining for Engineering Applications
NRSG 5121 Epidemiology and Population Health
PHTH 4511 Healthcare Management
PHTH 5226 Strategic Management and Leadership in Healthcare
PHTH 5232 Evaluating Healthcare Quality
SCHM 3315 Managing Healthcare Operations and Supply Chain

Admissions Requirements

2.000 GPA required in the minor

For more information and to declare this minor, please contact the College of Engineering.