Health Science Minor

The minor in Health Sciences is designed for undergraduate students from a variety of disciplines across the university who wish to expand and apply their understanding in key areas of public health including health care research, policy, management and delivery, epidemiology, informatics, communications and contemporary issues in food policy, nutrition, health disparities, disease prevention and disability in society.

The minor is comprised of five courses, two of which are required (PHTH 1260 and PHTH 2350) to equal 20 credits in total. Health Science faculty will consult with students to assist with elective selections relevant to their interests.

Program of Studies

(2) Required Core Courses:

  • PHTH 1260    The American Health Care System

  • PHTH 2350    Community and Public Health

Select 3 additional courses from this list:

  • EXSC 1120 Introduction to Exercise, Fitness, and Health
  • HLTH 5280 The (in)Visibility of (dis)Ability in Society
  • HLTH 5450 Health Care Research
  • HSCI 1106 Contemporary Issues in Nutrition
  • HSCI 5230 Clinical Nutrition Applications in Health & Disease
  • PHTH 1120 Society and Health
  • PHTH 2300 Communication Skills for the Health Profession

  • PHTH 4511 Health Care Management
  • PHTH 4515 Health Policy: Public Health in Crisis
  • PHTH 4120 Global Perspectives on Discrimination and Health
  • PHTH 5202 Epidemiology
  • HSCI 5300 Patient Centered Health Informatics
  • PHTH 5228 Advances in Measuring Behavior

  • PHTH 5230 Global Health
  • PHTH 5232 Evaluating Healthcare Quality
  • PHTH 5234 Economic Perspectives on Health Policy
  • PHTH 5240 Evaluating Scientific Evidence
  • PHTH 5280 Food, Food Policy and Health
  • PHTH 5440 Community Based Participatory Research: Environmental Health

Admissions Requirements

Admission into the minor requires approval of the student’s departmental/College advisor as well as the Health Science Minor advisor in the Health Sciences department. Applicants must have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0.

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Completion of Minor

Successful completion of the minor requires completion of 2 required courses as well as 3 health-related courses listed above. All coursework must be completed at a minimum grade of C and courses may not be taken Pass/Fail.

Please contact Olivia Grauel for assistance with course registration or if you have questions about the minor.

Olivia Grauel Bouve College Health Sciences Northeastern

Olivia Grauel, MEd

Associate Director for Advising
[email protected]