Tess Hamberg

M.S. Exercise Science Alumna ’17, Tess Hamberg, works to improve wellness in the workplace.

Tess Hamberg, M.S. Exercise Science ’17, ascribes her involvement on high school athletic teams as the beginning of her interest in exercise and physical activity. As a cross-country runner, she grew passionate about health and wellness and wanted to learn more about the human body. Tess was attracted to Northeastern’s Master’s degree in Exercise Science because of the comprehensive program that included a concentration in public health and a variety of internship opportunities that would enhance her education in the health field.

Through robust experiential opportunities at Northeastern, Tess participated in the promotion of community wellness among populations that included kids, older adults, and athletes.  One of the meaningful opportunities was with the Healthy Kids, Healthy Futures initiative, which aimed to prevent early childhood obesity and provided a safe, fun, and expense-free environment for young children and their caregivers to engage in physical activity together.

Since completing her degree in May 2017, Tess now works as a Wellness Coordinator at Wellness Workdays where she uses her skills and education from Northeastern to promote worksite wellness. On a daily basis, Tess collaborates with companies to assess, strategize, implement, and evaluate wellness programs. One important aspect of her position includes designing topical presentations, especially related to physical activity, for organizations to encourage healthy living. Tess is excited to continue working with organizations and their valued employees to improve people’s health, prevent chronic diseases, and create a healthier world!

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