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EEMB3450 Physiological Adaptations to the Environment

August 28 - August 29

“Bad things are happening
to the planet and it’s biosphere,
and we are all complicit
in the cause.
So, you’d better take this course.”

Fall 2018 | Monday Thursday 1:35 – 3:15 | CRN 17662
EEMB3450 Physiological Adaptations to the Environment

Physiological Adaptations to the Environment is an integrative course designed to help you apply your knowledge of biological and chemical fundamentals to understand the historical evolution and function of organisms that live and thrive in the diverse, often seemingly “hostile,” habitats found on planet Earth. Conversely, we are in the midst of a great, human-driven experiment – climate change – that is altering our global ecosystem in many ways.

Therefore, we will also explore the capabilities of contemporary organisms to adapt to climate change. Can we determine those species that are resilient and those that are sensitive to predicted changes in temperature, ocean acidification, etc.? Who will be the winners and who will be the losers ?

This course is appropriate for students interested in the science of adaptation, the ecological impact of climate change, and societal efforts to engineer ecosystem resilience and sustainability.