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Robert W. Sikes


Associate Professor

Physical Therapy, Human Movement, and Rehabilitation Sciences


Neurophysiology of the cingulate cortex; in particular, the role of cingulate cortex in pain sensation. Cingulate cortex is an important region of the pain system which provides the emotional, affective unpleasant component of pain sensation. My research has used a combination of neurophysiological and neuroanatomical techniques to identify the distribution of nociceptive neurons within the subareas of cingulate cortex and to define their physiological properties. We have investigated pathways through which pain information is transmitted and are currently contrasting the effects of somatic and visceral noxious stimulation on cingulate neuron activity. Additionally I have collaborated with other labs in studies of hypothalamic neural activity.
Additional research interests: Creation and use of virtual 3D brain and brain slice models to improve learning of human neuroanatomy.


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