Associate Clinical Professor

Farzad Noubary, PhD.

Health Sciences


PhD in Biostatistics, Harvard University
MA in Biostatistics, Harvard University
BS in Mathematics, Pennsylvania State University

Research Interests

Biostatistics, epidemiology, study design, health research


Dr. Noubary is a biostatistician, collaborative health researcher, and educator. At Northeastern, he is one of the primary instructors of the quantitative research methods curriculum for both undergraduate health sciences and doctoral population health students. His specific research interests include statistical methods for the design and analysis of studies evaluating novel diagnostics and other clinical decision tools, longitudinal data analysis, and epidemiology, particularly in the context of infectious diseases, neuroscience, environmental health, and lifestyle intervention research. Prior to joining Northeastern, Dr. Noubary worked as an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Tufts University and as a Biostatistician in the Medical Practice Evaluation Center at the Massachusetts General Hospital.


Adjunct Faculty, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Tufts University

Selected Publications

Pollock, N., Rolland, J., Kumar, S., Beattie, P., Jain, S., Noubary, F., Wong, V., Pohlmann, R., Ryan, U., & Whitesides, G. (2012). A paper-based multiplexed transaminase test for low-cost, point-of-care liver function testing. Science translational medicine, 4(152), 152ra129–152ra129.

Andrews, J., Noubary, F., Walensky, R., Cerda, R., Losina, E., & Horsburgh, C. (2012). Risk of progression to active tuberculosis following reinfection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Clinical infectious diseases, 54(6), 784–791.

Noubary, F., & Hughes, M. (2010). Assessing agreement in the timing of treatment initiation determined by repeated measurements of novel versus gold standard technologies with application to the monitoring of CD4 counts in HIV-infected patients. Statistics in medicine, 29(18), 1932–1946.

Drain, P., Hyle, E., Noubary, F., Freedberg, K., Wilson, D., Bishai, W., Rodriguez, W., & Bassett, I. (2014). Diagnostic point-of-care tests in resource-limited settings. The Lancet infectious diseases, 14(3), 239–249.

Walensky, R., Ross, E., Kumarasamy, N., Wood, R., Noubary, F., Paltiel, A., Nakamura, Y., Godbole, S., Panchia, R., Sanne, I., & others (2013). Cost-effectiveness of HIV treatment as prevention in serodiscordant couples. New England Journal of Medicine, 369(18), 1715–1725.


PHTH 2210 – Foundations of Biostatistics (undergraduate)
PHTH 4202 – Principles of Epidemiology (undergraduate)
PHTH 5210 – Biostatistics in Public Health (graduate)
PHTH 6210 – Applied Regression Analysis (graduate)
PHTH 6202 – Intermediate Epidemiology (graduate)
PHTH 6800 – Causal Inference (graduate)


Contact Information


316J RB


[email protected]

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