Adjunct Professor

Barry Berkowitz

Pharmaceutical Sciences


BS, Pharmacy (with High Honors), Northeastern University
PhD, Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of California, San Francisco


As scientist in residence, Dr. Berkowitz will provide the faculty and students in the School of Pharmacy with an opportunity to discuss current trends in drug development and medicinal chemistry through individual discussions, group meetings, and seminars. He will lend his expertise and knowledge as appropriate to individual faculty in the School of Pharmacy. He will advise the School of Pharmacy and the Dean of the College on future directions for research, on the potential for collaborative efforts with industry, and on Bouvé’s participation in the biotechnology initiative.

Awards and Honors

Northeastern University President’s Award, 1963
Lehn and Fink Gold Medal Award, 19


Drug development, Medicinal chemistry


Ohlstein, E.H., Kruse, L., Kinter, L., and Berkowitz, B.A.: Inhibition of dopamine-b-hydroxylase as an approach to increasing dopaminergic tone in vivo. The Cardiovascular Function of Peripheral Dopamine Receptors, P. Hieble, Ed., Marcel Dekker, 255-278, 1990.

Berkowitz, B.A., Bevins, C.L., and Zasloff, M.A.: Magainins: a new family of membrane-active host defense peptides. Biochemical Pharmacology 39:625-629, 1990.

Berkowitz, B.A., and Ohlstein, E.H.: Evidence that Endothelial-Derived Relaxing Factor Released from Endothelial Cells is not Nitric Oxide. Marcel Dekker, 1990.

Berkowitz, B.A.: Dopamine Receptor Agonists in Catecholamines and Heart Disease. Catecholamines and Heart Disease, P.K. Ganguly, Ed., CRC Press, Boca Raton, 277-283, 1991.

Berkowitz, B.A.: Magainins: Novel and effective peptide anti-infectives and immunoomimetics. New Drugs From Natural Resources, J. Coombes, Ed., IBC Tech. Serv., London, 176-182, 1992.

Berkowitz, B.A., and Katzung, B. G.,: Basic and clinical evaluation of new drugs. Basic and Clinical Pharmacology, B.G. Katzung, Ed., 64-74, Lange Medical Books/McGraw-Hill, NY, NY, 2001.

Contact Information


140 The Fenway


[email protected]



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