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27 Jun

Bouve’s associate dean wins her field’s highest award

Maura Iversen has been honored with this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award from the American College of Rheumatology, one of the most prestigious awards in the field. Iversen is both a tenured professor at Bouvé and Associate Dean for Clinical Education, Rehabilitation, and New Initiatives. She holds two doctorates, one in physical therapy from the MGH […]

1 May

Being a first-generation American gives her an edge as a school psychologist

By Bill Ibelle, Editorial Director After fleeing the brutal civil war in El Salvador, Karen Alvarez’s parents never imagined that their second daughter would become the first person in the family to go to college, let alone earn a master’s degree from a prestigious American university. On Friday, Alvarez will receive her second graduate degree […]

26 Apr

Why did this nursing student also study experience design?

One of the advantages of studying at a large university like Northeastern is the opportunity to venture beyond your field of expertise and develop the tools you need to become an innovator in your profession. For Rachel Abarbanel, NP’19, seizing that opportunity meant earning a graduate certificate in experience design from Northeastern’s College of Arts, […]

19 Feb

Can this professor’s technology help create an army of efficient cancer killers?

Tali Konry wants to design a more effective serial killer. That may sound a little sketchy until you learn that Konry’s serial killers are immune cells, and their target is cancer. Konry, a professor of pharmaceutical sciences, is developing a technology that will address one of the most daunting challenges in cellular immunotherapy: the low […]

6 Dec

Looking where others have not

For decades, scientists have searched for a synthetic alternative to medical marijuana that can deliver its medicinal benefits without the harmful side effects. The problem is that the positives and negatives are tied together at the molecular level, and no one has found a way to separate them. Like a determined prospector, pharmacy professor Ganesh […]