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2 Dec

No, the vaccine will not give you COVID-19

There are a lot of myths floating around about the COVID-19 vaccine, but Todd Brown, a registered pharmacist and clinical instructor in the department of pharmacy and health systems sciences at Northeastern, can disprove at least one of them: The vaccine, he says, will not give you COVID-19.

23 Nov

With limited Boston homeless shelter beds this winter, could taking private property be a solution?

“Lives certainly take precedence over private property interests, especially when private property owners will be compensated,” Beletsky said. “This could also apply to all the hotels that are sitting empty.”

17 Nov

This new drug will save lives until Coronavirus vaccines are approved

“The antibody is essentially a decoy for the human cell receptor,” Amiji said in a statement. The neutralizing antibody in bamlanivimab can target the spike protein of the virus. This would also happen after a plasma transfusion, and it’s exactly how COVID-19 survivors who are immune to the virus react. Vaccines will also trigger an immune response […]

12 Nov

With a meteoric rise in deaths, talk of waves is misguided, say COVID-19 modelers

The numbers have become both horrifying and numbing — and there is no end in sight.

12 Nov

She’s helping the hearing-impaired overcome barriers during the COVID-19 pandemic

Mask-wearing and physical distancing have become essential safety measures in the pandemic. But for people who rely on lip-reading and facial expressions to communicate, the increased use of facial coverings can lead to even greater isolation.

10 Nov

New antibody treatment could help high risk patients recover from COVID-19

A newly approved antibody therapy for COVID-19, produced by the pharmaceutical firm Eli Lilly and Company, could help high-risk patients recover from the disease as long as the virus is detected soon after infection, says Mansoor Amiji, university distinguished professor of pharmaceutical sciences and chemical engineering at Northeastern.

9 Nov

Pfizer vaccine could prevent COVID-19 in 9 out of 10 people, but how does it work?

On Monday, the pharmaceutical company Pfizer announced that its COVID-19 vaccine is more than 90 percent effective at preventing the disease according to preliminary Phase 3 clinical trial data, a percentage much higher than anticipated.

5 Nov

Decriminalizing drugs in Oregon a ‘victory for common sense and for science’

Fewer drug arrests should reduce Oregon residents’ interaction with the criminal justice and legal systems, and in turn, limit their risk for health problems associated with incarceration, including COVID-19 infection and drug overdose, Beletsky said. In his estimation, reinvesting criminal justice savings in under-resourced health and addiction services would go even further to make the […]

3 Nov

Here’s how Snell Library reinvented itself during the COVID-19 pandemic

“It really is a rapid evolution of the library,” says Dan Cohen, dean of libraries and vice provost for information collaboration at Northeastern. “Every single service that you would get in Snell, pre-COVID, is available to you as a student or faculty member.”

2 Nov

Telehealth impacting patient satisfaction in physical therapy

The feasibility of real-time, virtual touchpoints with patients appears to be an effective supplement that is an option to conventional methods of modern healthcare delivery. Telehealth, when appropriately used, enables the continuity of care and connection for physical therapists and their patients.

28 Oct

Almost half of South Dakota’s prison population tests positive for COVID-19

“Unfortunately, the result was predictable,” said Leo Beletsky, a professor of law and health sciences at Northeastern University. “In many states, the top hotspots for COVID spread have been prisons and jails.”

22 Oct

Neonatal saliva research breakthrough to advance maternal & newborn care

“How do we understand babies who struggle to eat? How do we better take care of them as their speech emerges? In partnership with Dr. Emily Zimmerman at Northeastern University, we’ve been able to follow babies looking at salivary biomarkers that we believe are shared between the ability to eat and ultimately the ability for our speech to […]

19 Oct

A COVID-19 vaccine won’t mean a swift end for wearing masks or physical distancing

“In the early stages of the vaccine rollout, I don’t think that a vaccine should change anyone’s behaviors,” he says. “We’re still going to need to use that in conjunction with masks, social distancing, and hand hygiene—like we’ve been doing—until we have more information about how [a vaccine] actually affects transmission.”

15 Oct

Focusing on firearms proves contentious in struggle to reduce veterans’ suicides

“We know the risk is there,” Dr. Miller said. But studies show that only about 10 percent of gun owners are aware of the higher risk, he said, suggesting that there is enormous room to inform people and encourage them to change their habits.

15 Oct

These professors are forecasting and gauging public opinion about the COVID-19 pandemic

Since receiving that early warning about COVID-19 from Vespignani, the Sternberg Family Distinguished University Professor of physics, computer science, and health sciences, Lazer has conducted a series of nationwide surveys that gauge everything from the public’s support of a vaccine to people’s satisfaction with how the government has handled the crisis.

13 Oct

Can disease forecasts tell apart the flu and COVID-19?

“Something like this is completely unprecedented,” says Alessandro Vespignani, Sternberg Family Distinguished University Professor of physics, computer science, and health sciences, and director of Northeastern’s Network Science Institute. “Having a major pandemic and then trying to get insight on the seasonal flu—it’s a completely new game.”