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29 Nov

How can a soap opera help fight AIDS?

When you imagine the latest weapon in the war against AIDS, the image that comes to mind isn’t likely to be a soap opera. But that’s exactly what nursing professor Rachel Jones has produced—and it works. Love, Sex, and Choices went live in November (watch here) after being tested among a group of 5,000 women, […]

29 Nov

Preparation and Recovery, Red Sox trainer talks about the 2018 World Series

It was one for the record books—the longest game in World Series history. Over the course of 18 innings, the Boston Red Sox and L.A. Dodgers waged an epic war of endurance in Game 3 that lasted 7 hours and 20 minutes—longer than the entire 1939 World Series. The two teams went through 18 pitchers […]

27 Nov

Undergraduate research changed their outlook on what a nursing career can be

During the second semester of their sophomore year, Rachel Solomon and Abigail Caron boarded a plane to Seattle, compliments of Northeastern’s School of Nursing. Their destination was the Annual Research Meeting of AcademyHealth, where they would present their research on the correlation between serious mental illness and readmissions to medical-surgical units. Their review of the […]

25 Nov

Why does this professor have 20 bulging suitcases piled in her room?

When Jamie McGloin, HS’20, walked into professor Vanessa Johnson’s room in Ghana, she was both proud and amazed. “It was like walking into a fort made of suitcases,” said McGloin, who was one of 23 students studying abroad with Johnson last summer as part of a month-long Dialogue of Civilizations course comparing the healthcare systems […]

23 Nov

Family history in her bones

21 Nov

A passion for bringing healthcare to the disenfranchised

The woman was living under a bridge in Lowell, Massachusetts, when nursing student Celsea Tibbitt first met her. She was selling sex, shooting up, eating poorly, estranged from her family, and terrified of the men who controlled her daily life. Tibbitt encountered the woman as a public health RN and case manager on the Bouvé […]

19 Nov

They fled from war and landed in a new form of hell

17 Nov

A new strategy for reducing opioid relapse

One of the biggest challenges in our nation’s escalating opioid epidemic is the high risk of relapse. Barbara Waszczak, Professor, School of Pharmacy Nearly 60 percent of the opioid users who seek treatment use the drug again, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. This is due, at least in part, to changes in the […]

15 Nov

An unexpected detour

Health Science alum takes an abrupt turn into the world of health technology. As an undergraduate health science major at Bouvé, Binja Basimike thought she would pursue a PhD in international nutrition and follow in the humanitarian footsteps of her globe-trotting father, a malaria expert who works for the World Health Organization. But while earning […]

13 Nov

Physical therapy grad spotted a need, then invented the solution

Haley Waud’s eureka moment came four years after she completed her doctorate in physical therapy at Bouvé. Waud was working with an elderly patient in San Antonio, Texas, when she noticed that the woman’s hips kept getting too far away from her walker, forcing her to slouch over to reach it in an unhealthy manner. […]

11 Nov

Students bring healthcare to patients who walk miles for medicine

9 Nov

Do more guns lead to more fatal police shootings?

7 Nov

Pharmacy grad’s knack for science communication leads to unusual career path

After earning two graduate degrees at the Bouvé College of Health Sciences, Abhijit Kulkarni was on track for a promising career as a laboratory scientist. But something happened on the way to that ambition: He discovered a rare talent for translating complex scientific concepts into ordinary language—a talent that led him to an unusual and deeply […]

5 Nov

No benefit seen from antipsychotics used in delirious hospital patients

3 Nov

Clearing up misconceptions about gun violence could make suicide attempts less deadly

1 Nov

This is where health care innovation begins

Danny Jooyoung Kim stumbled into the world of entrepreneurship during his first week in Bouvé’s Doctor of Pharmacy program. On his way to a dinner date, he took a “wrong turn” into a lecture and became so absorbed that he texted the young woman to cancel. Needless to say, the budding romance died with the […]