Interprofessional Graduate Certificate in Aging

Program Overview

In 2014, 85 million Americans will be over 55 compared with 67 million today. (National Institute of Aging, 2010) As more people in our population grow older, the demand for skilled geriatric care will increase dramatically. The purpose of this program is to provide interprofessional education to meet the specific healthcare needs of older adults. The interprofessional aging certificate program will consist of four graduate courses. As an interactive online program, the interprofessional certificate program in healthy aging is designed for the twenty-first century professional requiring the flexibility that online education allows. The certificate program was developed by an interprofessional team of faculty from the Bouvé College of Health Sciences. Both the development and implementation of this certificate program has been made possible through grant funding from the Health Resources Services Administration. This team is excited to be a part of the core faculty implementing the four courses of the program.

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  • Course 1, Health and Aging: An Introduction to Aging will provide the student with knowledge and an overview of aging (3 credits).
  • Course 2, Health and Aging: Special Considerations will go into depth on the topics introduced in Course 1 (3 credits).
  • Course 3, Health Assessment in Older Adults will review cognitive-communicative, health, visual, auditory, physical, emotional and social assessment instruments and processes; prevention and interventions (3 credits).
  • Course 4, Seminar in Contemporary Issues of Aging will focus on contemporary issues in aging and adult development. In this course we will integrate the mental, spiritual, physical, and cognitive-communicative aspects of aging. This course will include a Capstone Action Project (3 credits).


Contact Info

Bouvé Graduate Office
360 Huntington Ave , 123 BK
Boston, MA 02115-5000

Tel: 617.373.2708 | Fax: 617.373.4701

Admissions Requirements

Graduate Admissions Requirements

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  • Online application
  • Statement of purpose (500-1000 words): identifying your educational goals and expectations from the program; please be aware that the University’s academic policy on plagiarism applies to applicant’s statement of purpose
  • Professional resume: Current resume that displays job responsibilities, relevant experience, and education history
  • Official undergraduate degree documentation
  • Proof of English language proficiency: ONLY for students for whom English is not their primary language: English language proficiency guidelines


For general admissions information and recommended admissions deadlines, Graduate Admissions.

Current Northeastern Juniors/Seniors admission requirements:

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  • Undergraduate Juniors and Seniors may enroll in course I with the permission of their individual program advisors. Each subsequent course will require the one prior as pre-requisite.


Educational Objectives and Curriculum

The major objective of these courses will be to introduce students to the most current literature and research on the bio-psychosocial aspects of aging in a multicultural, rapidly changing society. Students will learn models of healthy aging, recognize variations and health, lifestyle and sociocultural issues that impede healthy aging and understand and differentiate normative and pathological aspects of the aging process. From this expanding knowledge base, students will develop the professional skills to assess and evaluate individuals, families and community services and design individual and system interventions to improve quality of life for clients as well as improve type and quality of necessary services. Professional skill development will focus on communications; case conceptualization; interdisciplinary treatment planning, evaluation, program development and outcome evaluation as well as beginning skills in action research.

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