Susan Jo Roberts, DNSc, ANP, FAAN

Professor & Director, Adult Gerontology Primary Care NP Program
  • School of Nursing

Office: 106B Robinson Hall
Phone: 617-373-3130

Education and Training:
DNSc  Boston University
MHS   University of California, Davis
BS        University of Rochester

Board Certifications:
Adult Nurse Practitioner

Co-investigator with Karen Kalmakis PhD, RN (PI) and Virginia Chandler PhD, RN. Screening for adverse childhood experiences among adult primary care patients of Nurse Practitioners, funded by the American Nurses Foundation, 9/2014-present.

Chandler, G & Roberts, S, (2012). Learned Resilience Intervention for Young Adults with Adverse Childhood Experiences. University of Massachusetts SON grant, ($5000), 6/2012-2015

Principal Investigator. “Transition to the RN Workforce”, supported by a grant from the Fuld Foundation to the Duke University School of Nursing, 4/07-9/09.

Principal Investigator (with E Stuart-Shor). “Attitudes, Beliefs and Practices related to cardiovascular health and risk reduction among lesbians”, funded by the Lesbian Health Fund, 3/06 to 9/10.

Selected publications:
Kalmakis, K., Chandler, G. & Roberts, S.J. (2017). Nurse practitioner screening for childhood adversity among adult primary care patients: A mixed-method study. Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, 29(1), 35-45.

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Honors & Awards:
Member, Gamma Epsilon Chapter, Sigma Theta Tau
American Nurses Foundation Research Scholar – 1978
Nurses Educational Fund Honorary Scholarship – 1982
Pre-doctoral Research Fellowship (#1F31 NU-05557-01), DHHS, USPHS, 1982-1984
Fellow, American Academy of Nursing, Inducted 2004
Nurse Practitioner of the Year, Mass Coalition of Nurse Practitioners, 2008

Appointments/Clinical Practice Affiliation:
Urgent Care NP – Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates, Wellesley

Professional and Community Service:
Massachusetts Coalition of Nurse Practitioners – Chair, Research Committee 2013-present,      Political Action Committee Board 2002- present