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Margo Lindauer, J.D.

Associate Clinical Professor

Department of Health Sciences, Faculty, School of Law

Office: 140 DCK

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 617.373.8617

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Professor Lindauer’s scholarship examines the unique complexity of being a victim of violence within the context of mothering, re-entry, poverty and immigration. In Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t: Why Multi-Court Involved Battered Mothers Just Can’t Win, published in the American University Journal of Gender, Social Policy & the Law, I argue that multi-system involved mothers ultimately “fail” in one system because of the disparate and often competing expectations placed on them by multiple court systems. I argue that being a mother and a victim of domestic violence who is court-involved inevitably leads to some sort of failure, such as increased danger and vulnerability, jail time, deportation, loss of children or worse. Continuing my theme of competing demands placed on victims of violence, I recently published an article in the Seattle University Law Review, Where is the Money: Reclaiming Economic Power to Address Domestic Violence, based on my experiences practicing as a legal services attorney at a domestic violence agency, running a domestic violence shelter and services program, and teaching at the Domestic Violence Clinics at Georgetown University Law Center and Northeastern University School of Law. In this piece, I argue that economic dependence is a critical factor in violence prevention and that for many victims of domestic violence, the economic entanglement with an abusive partner is too strong to simply cut off contact without another source of economic support.

Research Interests:  Domestic Violence. Sexual Assault. Elder Abuse. Multi-system involved mothers