Karen Giuliano, PhD, RN, MBA, FAAN

Associate Professor, School of Nursing & Executive Director, Healthcare Innovation & EntreprenNURSEship, Bouvé College of Health Sciences

Faculty, School of Nursing

Office: 106G RB

Email: k.giuliano@northeastern.edu

Phone: 617.373.8106

Education and Training:
PostDoc             Yale University
MBA                   Babson College
PhD                    Boston College
ANP                   Post Master’s Certificate, University of Massachusetts Worcester
MSN                  University of Rhode Island
BSN                   Boston College

Board Certifications:
RN, Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing
RN, New Hampshire Board of Nursing (Multi-state)

Research Interests:
IV Infusion Device Safety; Non-ventilator Hospital Acquired Pneumonia; Human:Factors Usability

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Data-Based Peer Reviewed Publications:
Giuliano, K, Hendricks, J. (2017). Nursing knowledge of inadvertent perioperative hypothermia. AORN Journal. 105:453-463.

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Giuliano, KK & Liu, L. (2006). Knowledge of pulse oximetry among critical care nurse Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing. 25(1): 44-49.

Areas of Expertise:
Statistics; Medical Device Innovation and Development

Honors & Awards:
AACCN National Teaching Institute, Research Abstract Award, 2018
AAMI/BD Professional Achievement Award, 2012.
Philips Healthcare Six Sigma Global Quality Improvement Award, 2011
Philips Healthcare Ovation Award, 2007
AACN Excellence in Research, 2005
AACN Research Abstract Award, 2005
Fellow, American Academy of Nursing (FAAN), 2003
University of Rochester, Evidence-based practice Award, 2003
AACN National Clinical Nurse Specialist Award, 2002
AACN Wyeth-Ayerst Fellowship (Mentor), 2002
AACN National Innovision Award, 2000
ANNA National Research-based Practice Award, 2000
ANNA National Clinical Practice Award, 1999
Colonial Chapter ANNA Clinical Practice Award, 1997
ANNA Nurse-in-Washington Fellow, 1995
University of Virginia Nurse of the Year, 1993
Massachusetts Nurses Association Staff Development Award, 1990
Sigma Theta Tau Award for Nursing Excellence, 1990

Appointments/Clinical Practice Affiliation:
Consulting Nurse Scientist, Center for Nursing Research and Advanced Practice, Orlando Health
Nurse Scientist, Hallmark Health System
Massachusetts General Hospital Munn Center for Nursing Research

Professional and Community Service:
Science Fair Judge, K (Edward M. Kennedy) Academy for Health Careers Full-inclusion High School
Certified Nurse Planner for awarding of continuing education contact hours, American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC)
Member, Research Committee: Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI)