GSS Webinar – Teaching International Students: Cross Cultural Perspectives Thursday March 31, 2016 12PM

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Rui LiRachel Rodgers

Presenters: Dr. Chieh Li, Dr. Rachel Rodgers, Rachel Ruah, Zhenhu Hou, and Zhenshan Zhong (Department of Applied Psychology)

This webinar will discuss teaching international students from cross cultural perspectives. A dialogue will be held among faculty, international students, cross-cultural researchers, and a visiting scholar from China. The presenters will use research as well as firsthand experience to discuss themes. Key takeaways/points that will be brought up and discussed:

  • Understanding how international students bring their cultures to the classrooms
    • Verbal and non-verbal communications
    • Expectations of professors and students
    • Interactions with professors and peers
  • Challenges that international students encounter
    • Adjusting to a new culture
    • Adjusting to a new environment, and new teaching style
    • Learning academics in a second language
    • Difficulties with terms and colloquialisms
  • Need for support networks – buddies, networks to feel comfortable, form community abroad
  • Aligning all of this with the university’s goal of internationalization

Dr. Chieh Li is an Associate Professor and Director of Clinical Training of Northeastern University’s School Psychology Program. She received her Ed.D. from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and is a licensed psychologist and nationally certified school psychologist. Dr. Li has extensive experience with multicultural populations both in research and practice of school psychology in addition to international teaching experience. She teaches master’s and doctoral courses on multicultural counseling and assessment and does research on cross-cultural psychology. As a bilingual (Chinese and English) psychologist, she also writes on bilingual and bi-cultural issues in the practice of counseling and school psychology, including intercultural stressors of Chinese immigrant students and culturally sensitive interventions. Her work has been presented at numerous national and international conferences, published in English and Chinese.

Dr. Rachel Rodgers, Ph.D. is a researcher and clinical psychologist, and an Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Psychology at Northeastern University. She trained in the UK, France and Italy, and received her Ph.D. from the University Toulouse-le Mirail (France). Her research aims to examine socio-cultural determinants of body image, eating, and weight concerns, as well as to generate research which may inform public policy, and includes the consideration of cross-cultural differences in sociocultural context.

Rachel Ruah is a doctoral student in the school psychology program at Northeastern University. She received her B.A. at Rollins College and her Master’s degree in school psychology at Northeastern University. She was born and raised in Portugal and moved to the United States as an international student 10 years now. Her interests are in working with children and adolescents from immigrant and bilingual families. Rachel is currently working on two projects, one that explores the sources of stress and support for bilingual Brazilian adolescents, and another that examines the differences in play for monolingual versus bilingual children. Her passion is to help underprivileged families access the supports they need to help their children succeed.

Zhenhu Hou, MA, is a current visiting scholar in the Department of Applied Psychology, Northeastern University. He came from the College of Humanities & Social Sciences of Inner Mongolia Agricultural University. He is an associate professor, Director of the University Counseling Center, and Member of the Council of China Association for Mental Health.

Zhenshan Zhong recently graduated from Northeastern with a Bachelor of Science in psychology. He has lived in both China and Singapore for a decade each.  He is pursuing a master degree in counseling this coming fall. Zhenshan has a strong background on multicultural experiences and sensitivity.

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