Bouvé students and faculty have access to cutting-edge facilities that encourage interdisciplinary, cooperative, and experiential learning. Explore some of the key classroom, laboratory, and simulation spaces on our vibrant campus where you will spend time learning, sharing ideas with faculty and each other, refining your skills, and discovering your passions.

Behrakis Health Science Building - Northeastern University

The Behrakis Health Sciences Center

As a pharmaceutical alumnus, George Behrakis, P’57, Hon. ’98, and wife, Margo, have created a lasting legacy in the stunning Behrakis Health Sciences Center.  An iconic piece to the Northeastern campus, each floor is as diverse as the Bouvé experience.  From state-of-the-art lecture halls, amphitheater, classrooms, laboratories and simulation centers, the Schools of Health Professions, Nursing, and Pharmacy are housed under one roof.

Arnold S. Goldstein Health Sciences Simulation Lab - Northeastern University

The Arnold S. Goldstein Simulation Laboratory

Some days a dormitory, other days a hospital, and, occasionally, a living room, the “Sim Lab” changes settings almost daily to reflect real-world settings with increasing complexities. Students are immersed in a hands-on, experiential training across all disciplines, learning to work together as they will on the field.  Using video-capture technology, simulation bays, debriefing rooms, and high-tech patient simulators, students translate theoretical concepts to real skills, working with ‘patients’ or actors. The suite is named for the late Arnold S. Goldstein, P’61, PhD’90, a professor of pharmacy at Northeastern. Learn more.

ISEC - Northeastern University

Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex (ISEC)

As the nucleus of Northeastern’s research enterprise, ISEC is a state-of-the-art hub for collaborative research and innovation. This award-winning building dissolves the lines among disciplines, bringing together Northeastern scientists and engineers with colleagues in academia, industry, and government to solve global challenges. ISEC is also a resource for community youth aspiring for futures in science in what the Boston Globe has deemed a “five-star piece of architecture.”

School of Pharmacy - Bouvé College of Health Sciences - Northeastern University

140 The Fenway

The past, present, and future come together in more ways than one at The Fenway. Its historical marbled hallways are home for the School of Pharmacy’s full spectrum of study, bridging “mortar and pestle” to complex, high-impact pharmaceutical sciences. The storied exterior dating back to the 18th century surrounds administrative offices and state-of-the-art laboratories.