Bouvé faculty members awarded Northeastern University TIER 1 grants

Congratulations to the Bouvé faculty members who have received TIER 1 grants for the fiscal year 2024.

BOSTON, MA. – Assistant professor Lauren Raine researches how covid pandemic has impacted body mass index of pre-teens and older adults. Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University

Northeastern University’s TIER 1 Seed Grant/Proof of Concept Program awards are supported by the Colleges, Institutes, global campuses, and the Senior Vice Provost for Research.

This competitive program makes grants of up to $50,000 to support and encourage individual faculty members to form multidisciplinary teams to develop new and innovative research directions. An explicit strategy for securing external funding must be outlined in the TIER 1 proposal. A total of 68 proposals were submitted this year and evaluated through a two-stage review process.

Since the program’s inception in FY12, TIER 1 teams have reported that their awards have led to more than 500 publications and over $100 million in follow-on funding (on an investment of $12M), a 778% return on investment.

In February 2024, the teams will present their midyear reports and a glimpse of the exciting things to come from this year’s awards.

Congratulations to the FY24 TIER 1 Award Recipients:

Social Media Use and Eating Disorder Risk at the Intersections of Gender and Autism
   –   Meryl Alper (Communication Studies), Rachel Rodgers (Applied Psychology)​

How modality-specific are the learning processes involved in second language acquisition: the case of sign language​
   –   Julia Hofweber (NU London), Zhenghan Qi (Communication Sciences & Disorders/Psychology)

BEaNS-EL: Body composition, EEG, And NnS in Early Life​
   –   Lauren Raine (Physical Therapy/Medical Sciences), Emily Zimmerman (Communication Sciences & Disorders), Laurel Gabard-Durnam (Psychology)

Reproductive Justice Research Collaborative​
–   Suzanna Walters (WGSS/Sociology), Alisa Lincoln (Health Sciences/Sociology), Wendy Parmet (Law), Meg Heckman (Journalism), Jessica Linker (History/NULab), Natalee Kehaulani Bauer (Ethnic Studies/CSGS)​

Leveraging language learning and exercise to enhance cognitive and brain health​
   –   Leanne Chukoskie (Physical Therapy/Art + Design), Art Kramer (Psychology), Miso Kim (Art + Design), Bob De Schutter (Art + Design/Computer Science), Christie Chung (Psychology)​

A novel natural language processing model for advancing mental health research​
–   Ruben van Genugten (IEAI), Donald Robinaugh (Applied Psychology/Art + Design)​

Mentored Award: Affective Touch through Wearable Actuators​
   –   Kris Dorsey (Electrical & Computer Engineering/Physical Therapy), Karen Quigley (Psychology)​

Transforming Sleep Apnea Diagnostics Using Topological Monitoring​
   –   Aarti Sathyanarayana (Health Sciences/Computer Science), Jose Perea (Mathematics/Computer Science)​

A new model system for studying the role of ion channels in cystic fibrosis​
   –   Leigh Plant (Pharmaceutical Sciences), James Monaghan (Biology)