School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences student leadership workshop series returns

Save the date. The Student Leadership Transformation Program is returning for another workshop on May 16, 2023.

With support from the Student Leadership in Pharmacy Practice Fund established by Jason and Jeni Reiser, the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences planned and implemented a new Pharmacy Practice Student Leadership Transformation Program. The intention of the program is to provide the tools and resources that will help contribute to the development of future pharmacy leaders.

Students will be prepared to arrive with an understanding of the institution’s needs for leadership development, as well as a platform for personal development. Through focused and intentional interactions with other students and successful professional leaders, students will be able to translate and apply their leadership abilities within various healthcare settings.

Whether students have leadership goals in mind or are completely open to the possibilities, the program sessions and leadership-related activities will help students draft plans for their future and get a head start on their own leadership journeys. The hope is for the students to start the conversation of what they are looking for in a rewarding career, discover new ways to learn about potential paths, and take advantage of the best that the leadership program has to offer, all while connecting with fellow students.

The workshop session on January 19, 2023, was led by the program’s philanthropic investor, Mr. Jason Reiser, and guest speaker Dr. Mark Brouker, where they shared the essence of what it means to be a leader and personal experiences of what effective leadership looks like. Students learned specific behaviors that foster strong interpersonal dynamics, trusting relationships, and essential teamwork – all of which create a culture of collaboration that optimizes patient safety.

During the workshop, Dr. Brouker facilitated interactive case scenarios with the students and demonstrated the effects of having an ineffective leader and what changes need to be made to make the ineffective leader more effective and impactful.

Some of the pharmacy students who attended the workshop said “Dr. Brouker’s thought-provoking scenarios helped us appreciate the importance of well-developed interpersonal skills, such as being an attentive listener, and that following up with the team is critical in leading an effective team. It really helped us visualize and understand through their personal experience. It was also great to connect with other highly-motivated pharmacy students from all stages in the program who share a similar vision.”

The Pharmacy Practice Transformation Student Leadership Program intends to continue providing more opportunities for the students to learn about leadership and create leadership forums.

The fourth workshop session, Leadership in Health-System Pharmacy, will be held on May 16, 2023, from 5 to 7 p.m. in the Faculty Alumni Center at Columbus Place.