Heroes among us: 10 years after the Boston Marathon bombing, Northeastern University community reflects and remembers

Ten years ago, terrorists detonated two bombs 14 seconds apart near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. The blasts killed three people, injured nearly 300 others, shook a city, state and nation, and forever changed the lives of thousands.

One Boston Day, observed every April 15, now honors the victims—including two police officers—survivors and first responders of the 2013 Boston Marathon.

On Friday afternoon, the Northeastern community gathered in the Cabot Quad on the Boston campus. The hour of reflection and remembrance included speeches, a moment of silence, an award for service and the planting of a tree.

“This anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings brings with it complicated feelings—and for many of us, horrific memories,” said Jim Madigan, Northeastern’s director of athletics and recreation, who emceed the event.

The tree, located near the entrance to Cabot Gymnasium, is a Newton Sentry Sugar Maple, named for a city along the marathon route. In addition to an embossed label, a second maker will denote the tree as a remembrance of the victims.

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