Bouvé faculty honored in Northeastern’s 2021-2022 All Faculty Awards

Congratulations to all of the 2021-2022 faculty honorees, as well as those nominated! Over the past year, the following faculty distinguished themselves in their fields:

Internal Awards: University-wide

Nominee for Robert D. Klein University Lecturer – Gene Tunik
Nominees for Research and Creativity Award – Emily Zimmerman, Christie Rizzo, Joshua Stefanik

Nominees and winners for Bouvé Awards (* denotes student nomination, multiple * denotes multiple student nominations)
Bouvé Distinguished Educator – UG
Eugene Bernstein
Mary Bronski
John Olawepo
Kristy Williams
Matthew Goodwin
Carmel Salhi*
Jordan Bosse*
Elizabeth Glowacki* (winner in Bouvé; nominee for University Excellence in Teaching Award)
Alison Bauer**

Bouvé Distinguished Educator – UG
Jessica Edwards George
Jacquie Tolosko
Marketa Rejtar* (winner in Bouvé)
Eric Folmar*
Farzad Noubary*
Roman Manetsch*
Nishil Desai*
Jason Parente**
Trent Honda******
Diomedes Logothetis*

Carla Bouwmeester (winner in Bouvé)
Jay Spitulnik*
Trent Honda*

Shan Mohammed
Valeria Ramdin
Thomas Matta (winner in Bouvé)

Mentorship – TT
Kara Pavone
Jane Saczynski (winner in Bouvé)
Stephen Intille

Mentorship – NTT
Jason Lancaster
Jessica Maxwell
Steve Yen
Jessica Edwards George (winner in Bouvé)
Mansoor Amiji