Advancing Health for All in Egypt

GlobeMed Group

A New Initiative to Harness the Role of the Private Sector in Advancing the Universal Health Coverage (UHC)

In light of the strategic health reform that is taking place in Egypt, the Northeastern University in the United States in collaboration with the Public Sector Arm of GlobeMed Group are conducting a high-level initiative on “Harnessing the role of the Private Sector in Advancing the Universal health coverage (UHC) in Egypt”. This initiative aims to suggest ways to strengthen the potential contribution and complementary role of the private sector which will ultimately improve the coverage and accessibility of the Egyptian citizens to high-quality services, reach all the underprivileged segments of the population, ensure the sustainability of the Universal health insurance program and reduce the governmental contribution to universal health insurance.

This initiative, led by Professor Gary Young, director of the university’s Center for Health Policy and Healthcare Research at Northeastern University and faculty member at the School of Business and Bouvé College, will assess the current state of UHC implementation and progress in Egypt, conduct key informant meetings and interviews with strategic stakeholders and partners in Egypt and review international and regional best practices regarding the involvement of the private sector in UHC and propose policy solutions.

This collaboration between GlobeMed Group and Northeastern University’s Bouvé College of Health Science will be key to informing the expansion of health insurance to all the Egyptian population with particular consideration for the contributions from private-sector organizations. This program will be a stepping-stone into achieving and sustaining UHC in Egypt and will guide the gradual implementation of the universal health insurance” said GlobeMed CEO Michel Pharaon.

The partnership comes at a pivotal moment in Bouvé College’s continued global vision to ”advance health for all” by leveraging on the potential of sectors and establishing solid and complementary systems for universal health coverage.