Bouvé College Distinguished Professor Recognized as Top-Cited Researcher in Category

Professor Vladimir Torchilin — Northeastern University

Dr. Torchilin #1 in Field of over 131,000 in Pharmacology & Pharmacy, Clinical Medicine

Bouvé College’s Dr. Vladimir Torchilin is recognized as the top-cited researcher out of a field of over 131,000 in the Pharmacology & Pharmacy, Clinical Medicine Category, per

Dr. Torchilin’s work recognizes the problem that Multiple Drug Resistance (MDR) poses in cancer therapy. One of the most important mechanisms of MDR is cancer cells’ overexpression. Because of this, certain proteins can delete drug molecules from the cell and downregulate signals for antiapoptotic action.

Dr. Torchilin, a biochemist, pharmacologist and expert in medical nanotechnology joined Northeastern faculty in 1998, where he served as the Department Chair of Pharmaceutical Sciences 1998-2005. He previously taught at Harvard. Dr. Torchilin is a University Distinguished Professor and Director of the Center for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Nanomedicine at Northeastern University. Dr. Torchilin received his MS, DSc, and PhD from Moscow State University.

Over 35 Northeastern University faculty are recognized in the latest ranking report.

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