Traveling, Talking and Becoming an Author.

Debby Nguyen, a PP2 Pharmacy student at Bouvé College in Northeastern is one not too shy away from a challenge. From lab research to the arts, Debby’s experience in the School of Pharmacy have not only won her an Honors Propel Grant, but provided the opportunity to purse a passion for traveling outside her comfort zone; increasing her ability to research outside the classroom, culminating into becoming an author.

Debby has always been willing push herself. While in high school, she spent a month in India making friends she still contacts. These friends have been the helpful support needed as she continues her educational Journey.

“I like traveling,” Debby said. “I like talking to people.”

Debbie at Northeastern

Debbie at Northeastern

Not only does Debby talk to the friends she made in India when she needs help with her work, Debby is also able to find help from faculty. The Northeastern faculty are always willing to help not only Debby, but any student. Among the faculty providing guidance is Dr. Alisa Lincoln. Lincoln is an Associate Dean of Research for the School of Social Sciences and Humanities. While teaching at Bouvé, Lincoln has mentored Debby and several other students in undergraduate and graduate studies. She has also supported graduate students on grants and mentored post-doctoral fellows. Debby has called Lincoln, “an expert and an amazing person.”

The opportunities presented to Debby during her time at Bouvé are just one person’s journey as they work toward making the field of health easier to navigate for those who seek treatments. Debby’s work in Pre-Pharmacy has piqued her curiosity and led her to research different uses of practicing. Her research has resulted in a book titled Pills, Teas, and Songs. In the book, Debby looks at the methods and practices of 11 people around the world. As she researched and wrote, Debby again challenged herself.

“The biggest reason this book is what it is because of the certain people that I interview,” Debby explained. “Without the interviews, there would be no book because I am not yet an expert in medicine or anthropology.”

Not being a bona fide expert in her field did not stop Debby from satisfying her curiosity and seeking out the answers. The more she has researched, the more she has discovered what the field of pharmacy and Northeastern University have to offer. It has inspired Debby to learn as much as she can and someday give back.

“I hope to keep talking to people and get their stories out there,” she said.

In the meantime, Debby continues to study and learn while working with faculty mentors. Students at Bouvé College are undaunted by the challenges faced in the world of health and medicine thanks largely in part to the guidance they receive from the supportive instructors and faculty

“I can connect with anyone,” she said. “I can talk to Dr. Lincoln. I’m in touch with every professor I’ve had so far. The professors have been super helpful. I really feel supported at Northeastern.”

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