Yoga shows ‘most improvement’ in restoring brain health in long-term cancer survivors, Northeastern researcher says

AstraZeneca admitted in court that its vaccines can cause rare blood clotting condition. Should that give its recipients pause?

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Research lies at the heart of the Bouvé educational experience.

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Shaping the Future of Healthcare

Bouvé is more than just a home for future healthcare and health science professionals. It’s a place where students driven by their personal experiences and ambitions are empowered to bring them to life by the breadth of our education and professional opportunities.

It’s a community that works together to solve inequalities and create a baseline of good health for everyone.

It’s a hope for the future of healthcare, because we believe that good health is not only an essential standard of life, it’s the force that moves us all forward.

Key Stats


Northeastern students’ acceptance rate to medical school is double the national average


of our students gain real-world experience in clinics, labs, and top health institutions


of recent Bouvé graduates are employed or in grad school


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At Bouvé, students have the ability to explore the vast and nuanced industry of healthcare. Students arrive at Bouvé either ready to discover their calling or work toward one they’ve always dreamed of. Whether that means pursuing an already established discipline, or using our resources to create their own, students are empowered from day one to bring their dreams to life. Discover the endless possibilities across our diverse degree programs.

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Student nurse anesthetists practice during a simulation event at Northeastern University


Experience at the core of education

At Bouvé, we work to make sure students have ample hands-on learning opportunities at their fingertips. Clinics, labs, co-ops and global learning opportunities are all part of the Bouvé experience, not extensions of it, so students are able to get the full benefit of our unique education from day-one.

world class

Male student using VR headset and real paint to create image on a canvas


Redefining healthcare through research

Northeastern is an R1 research university. What does that mean? It means we have world-class researchers, funding, and facilities supporting a high level of research activity. For you, it means you’ll have opportunities to partner with globally renowned professors and thought leaders on innovative research with real-world implications – gaining invaluable experience in the process.


Health science student examines robot patient at the nursing practice lab at Northeastern University


PreMed and PreHealth

Students that choose to embark on a PreMed or PreHealth path at Bouvé are doing so alongside a major or discipline they wish to pursue. This ability allows students to hone in on their areas of interest, giving them the opportunity to not only gain real experience in the traditional medical field, but the ability to explore something new within it. The results? Northeastern students acceptance rate into medical school is double the national average. 


Physician assistant student group at Northeastern University

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United in progress

Every individual experience, perspective, and breakthrough at Bouvé is in service of helping the lives around us, and that’s what brings our community together. As a passionate group of professionals and students, our community reflects the working world of healthcare. Together, our different interests and unique minds can create something new, and better than before. Meet the Bouvé community, and discover the difference they, and you, can make together.

Four schools one mission —
to help you reach your goals.

Across Bouvé’s four schools, we are constantly evolving to meet the world’s changing needs. Bouvé’s School of Clinical and Rehabilitation Sciences, School of Community Health and Behavioral Sciences, School of Nursing, and School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences are working to make sure no aspect of healthcare goes overlooked.

As new challenges emerge, our community is eager to face them with empathy. The force and ambition of our students and faculty allows us to provide some of the best education and professional experiences, and it allows them to start their impactful careers from their very first day.

  • Clinical and Rehabilitation Sciences

    At the intersection of rehabilitation, clinical practice, data and engineering, our school is working to better understand how our bodies move.

  • Medical worker smiling with crossed arms, a stethoscope hanging around neck


    Our empathetic approach to treatment has led us to make key advancements and drive innovation within the discipline.

  • A pharmacist is looking down and writing as they hold a sheet of tablet pills. Pills line the wall in the room. Another pharmacist is in the background, facing the wall, organizing.

    Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

    As a tier one research university, Bouvé gives students the opportunity to work directly with some of pharma’s biggest leaders, on some of healthcare’s greatest breakthroughs.

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